Hardcore Encryption

Comprehensive protection of your privacy and security


End-to-End Encryption

We do not collect your mobile contacts or identity information. There are no forced permission requests or unverified logins. Your personal information security is our top priority.

Incognito Login

We do not collect mobile phone contacts or identifying information. There are no forced permission requests and incognito login will not be enabled. We keep personal information secure.

Transaction Security

Accounts are created using mnemonic phrases or private keys, No further personal information is required.
Protect the security of your property transaction information.

Secret Chat Mode

Chat messages can be set to be destroyed after reading. You can set the time limit whether it is 1 day, 7 days, or 1 month before it gets deleted. Another feature is when users screenshot, recorded, or forwarded the chat, you will receive a notification immediately.

10k+ People in a Group Chat

In addition to basic group chat, Gather is also capable of creating a group chat with up to 10,000 members inside. You can set the group to be private or public, depend on the need. Meet the multi functional needs of largescale business and event organizations.

Efficient Group Management

Group chat project information can be individually pinned to the top. it can be set to prohibit people in the group from adding friends and banning each other. It also has functions to protect members and to do anonymous chat.


The Web3.0 Age

An Era That Truly Respects Privacy

As a new generation of Internet, Web3.0 has three major advantages, decentralization, security, and privacy protection. some of the Web3.0 advantages are:

  • Breaking the Web2.0 user information monopoly model
  • Fundamentally solving the problem of traditional Internet information theft
  • Guarantee user security and privacy
  • Provides fertile soil for the development of Internet social applications

Web1.0 Read Only

Separate management

Web2.0 Participatory

Centralized management

Web3.0 Decentralization and security

Privacy Protection

in the era of Web 3.0, a rising star of tomorrow

Gather Born for Top secret socializing

"Privacy, freedom" is Gather's ultimate mission

Gather is based on the Web3.0 infrastructure public chain NA Chain relies on the underlying DNS+DFS module, uses cryptography technology and open network protocols, and combines hardware boxes to provide distributed long link clusters, thereby providing a stable decentralized message exchange network and technically eliminating the risk of privacy leaks.

GProto communication protocol allows Gather to transmit at high speed even in weak network environments, ensuring the safety, reliability and timely arrival of data.


The globally renowned Web3 center

In the development of Web 3.0, Hong Kong is the world's leading pioneer representative region.
Hong Kong will officially become the first region in the world to regulate and license virtual asset trading platforms from June 1, 2023, and allocate HK$50 million to support Hong Kong's Web3.0 ecosystem and turn it into Hong Kong's future economic and social transformation!